Kesha (kay-sha) is the Swahili word for STAY AWAKE! Although modified somewhat from the traditional African service, this nine-hour celebration is to give God thanks and praise for the old year and praise and thanks for the new year. It is an opportunity to worship in fellowship with dedication and sacrifice. It gives way for warm remembrances and great hope for the future by God’s Grace and Mercy, through the risen savior, Jesus the Christ.



What a glorious time in the Lord! The word instructs us to give honor to whom honor is due. Our Spiritual parents are so deserving of the entire honor that they have so richly earned.

They have labored over 31 years in ministry. They have never waivered from their assignment of
“Building the Kingdom of God
” and equipping the saints to walk in righteousness with the Lord, crying loud, and sparing not, as Isaiah 58:1 declares, warning the people of their sins.
It is almost time for the event of the year honoring our man and woman of God. A link will be available when this year's appreciation event is held.


At SJPWC, we have vowed not to forget our “seasoned saints”. Without them, where would we be?
The purpose for our Salute to Seniors program is to celebrate our senior members and let them know how much we appreciate their hard work, commitment, and dedication to the Lord.


On this day, we also celebrate our Annual Homecoming. During this event, we remember how far the Lord has brought us from the days of St. John Missionary Baptist Church to the ministry of St. John Praise & Worship Center. These events are held in the month of October.


Vacation Bible School is a vital part of the SJPWC Youth Ministry. Its purpose is to continue educating the children in a school-like fashion and engross them with the word of God. Each year, our theme changes and we focus on that point for the entire week. The children enjoy in-depth bible teachings, crafts, music, and a nutritious meal every evening. This event is held during the month of June after school has been dismissed for the summer.