Apostle Larry T. Barnett, Sr.

Apostle Larry T. Barnett, Sr., Th.D.

The Honorable Apostle Larry T. Barnett, Sr. has been the beloved pastor of St. John Praise and Worship Center (formerly St. John Missionary Baptist Church) since 1985. Apostle Barnett has been in ministry since 1978.
He earned both his Bachelor of Science degree (education) and his post graduate degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL. He completed his Doctorate Degree in Theology in 2014. His first book, De-Cloaking the Holy Ghost, was released in January 2016.
God used Apostle Barnett in the field of education for more than twenty years. Apostle Barnett was the first African American to serve as the Dean of Students at Century High School in Ullin, IL. Apostle Barnett had the privilege of serving in the field of education as a coach, dean of students, educator, and building principal. Throughout his illustrious career, Apostle Barnett was a highly regarded man of integrity, and an effective educator and administrator in school districts in Sparta, IL; Ullin, IL; and Carbondale, IL. Although he was eventually prompted by the Holy Spirit to leave his secular career to give 100% of his focus to Kingdom endeavors, his great regional influence and legacy in the field of education cannot be overstated. On his “A-game” in his secular career, in 2005 he relinquished his position as building principal of Carbondale Middle School (Carbondale Elementary School District #95) in Carbondale, IL: However, his influence in the lives of students is lasting. Students and colleagues alike admire Apostle Barnett because of his impact and effectiveness in the region’s educational systems.
In 1999, St. John Missionary Baptist Church transitioned into St. John Praise and Worship Center (SJPWC) under the leadership of the Honorable Apostle Larry T. Barnett, Sr. God gave Apostle Barnett direction and vision. Subsequently the congregation moved into a new facility and into a new era in ministry. Although SJPWC will always be appreciative of the rich spiritual heritage of St. John Missionary Baptist Church, the proverbial page had turned. St. John Missionary Baptist Church began the transition from tradition and ism to Kingdom mindedness. A plethora of developments marked the turn of the new era at St. John. Some of which include: the recognition and embracing of female ministers, practical teaching of the five ascension gifts and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, a divine connection with the Honorable Bishop Joseph Wambugu, and the systematic training of ministers during a weekly ministers class, that has not only trained SJPWC associate ministers but other (regional) ministers as well.
Apostle Barnett’s ministry began to operate on a global scale with the genesis of crusade endeavors on the beautiful continent of Africa. By the sovereignty of God, a divine connection was established in 2000; Apostle Barnett became acquainted with the ministry of the Honorable Bishop Joseph Wambugu. Since then, SJPWC has adopted Bread of New Life Ministries, Naivasha, Kenya, as a daughter church. As a result of Apostle Barnett and SJPWC’s efforts, Bread of New Life’s orphanage, House of Mercy, has gone from feeding one meal a week to three meals a day. SJPWC has spiritually and monetarily contributed to the progress of Bread of New Life Ministries. In addition to these efforts, Apostle Barnett and a crusade team travel to Africa (at least) every other year to conduct crusades for the masses and training of regional ministers of the gospel. These efforts have proliferated from Kenya into Tanzania and Uganda; and are yet progressing beyond these regions. Look what the Lord has done!
God gave Apostle Barnett a four-fold vision that includes: a facility/outreach ministry, SJPWC Preparatory Academy (Est. 2003), Resurrection House, and an Assisted Living Facility for the elderly. The agenda of the vision has been progressing and proliferating since its conception. SJPWC’s beautiful facility and outreach ministry has classrooms, a kitchen, a full gym, a parsonage, a baptism pool, and a temple that seats approximately 300. The first of its kind in the region, SJPWC’s facility is truly a testament to the faithfulness of God. The SJPWC Preparatory Academy was established in 2003, and is a private, Christian school where the core curriculum is supported by the ABEKA educational model. SJPWC Preparatory Academy emphasizes reading, writing, mathematics, and excellence. The Preparatory Academy is built upon biblical foundations and the love of Jesus. As part of the daily paradigm, the Word of God is intricately interwoven within the curriculum, all students participate in chapel and biblical studies.
Resurrection House is a 90 day post treatment center for individuals who are struggling with chemical dependencies and for those who need a hand up as opposed to a hand out. The genesis of Resurrection House began in 2008 with a program called BRIDGES. The agenda of BRIDGES is to infiltrate the paradigm of individuals struggling with the spirit of addiction (in general) through the teaching of the Glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus, the Christ.
The Assisted Living Facility’s agenda began in 2001 with congregants advancing the Kingdom by visiting and ministering in area assisted living facilities and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Apostle Barnett’s ministry is truly making an impact in the world on behalf of the Kingdom! God is using the Kingdom initiative that He gave Apostle Barnett to perpetuate lasting change in the lives of people. To God be the Glory!
Apostle Barnett’s ministry is marked with changed lives, transformed hearts, healed bodies, and encouraged Believers. For years, Apostle Barnett has been a highly regarded counselor and advisor of ministers (pastors) outside of SJPWC. Although he’d been a spiritual father and advisor for years prior, in 2005 the Honorable Bishop Ron Webb “hand picked” Apostle Barnett to serve as the Immediate Assistant Presiding Bishop of Covenant Ministries. As a part of his responsibilities in Covenant Ministries, Apostle Barnett advises (equips) Kingdom Leaders for 21st century ministry. Additionally, Apostle Barnett is a brilliant instructor at the School of the Prophets (S.O.P) in Poplar Bluff, MO. (S.O.P. is a bible college in affiliation with the International College of Bible Theology and Destiny Bible Institute). Along with his secular degrees, he has earned both a bachelors and a post graduate degree from S.O.P. He is currently completing a doctorate in theology, to be awarded in July 2012.
Last, but certainly not least, Apostle Barnett is married to the lovely First Lady Carol Barnett. Known as much for the value and honor he places on his wife and family as much as he is for his ministerial dexterity, Apostle Barnett is known to be a vocal, passionate advocate of putting home first. “I’m not married to St. John, I’m married to Sister Carol!” is a familiar statement from the Man of God. To God be the Glory! Apostle Barnett and First Lady Barnett have five beautiful children: Cala (who went home to be with the Lord on February 13, 2011), Shaya (Michael), T.J. (Christina), Sean (Christine), and Dontae and grandchildren Daja, Michael Jr., Bra'lyn, and Major. Apostle Barnett enjoys spending time with his family, and is a “history buff.” Also, he enjoys hunting and has refereed college and high school basketball for more than thirty years. Apostle Barnett and First Lady Barnett make their home in the Southern Illinois region.