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WELCOME to the St. John Praise & Worship Center (SJPWC) website. We hope that you find your time spent here a blessing. Please browse through the various areas of our website to learn about our ministry. We are a Bible-based, Jesus-centered, family-friendly church that warmly embraces everyone. Please listen to one of the audio  sermons online from either our website, or our YouTube Channel under “SJPWC”. We pray that it will bless your day. At SJPWC, we strive to make you feel welcome the moment you enter the building. You’ll be warmly greeted and given a bulletin with a brief description of the day’s worship service and a list of upcoming activities. Our worship services consist of Praise and Worship, the preaching of the Bible, and praying and fellowshipping with one another. Because our goal is to ensure that everyone, of ALL ages, fully understand the Word of God, we provide a Children’s Church ministry which offers age-appropriate activities and biblical learning for children ages 6 through 13. Please join us expecting to connect, engage and experience GOD! You’re invited to come to worship with us this Sunday and experience the presence of Jesus Christ for yourself at SJPWC. Hope to see you soon!
Apostle Dr. Larry T. Barnett, Sr.,
First Lady Minister Carol Barnett
 and the  St. John Praise & Worship Center Family

Apostle Larry T. Barnett, Sr.

Apostle Larry T. Barnett, Sr., Th.D.

The Honorable Apostle Larry T. Barnett, Sr. has been the beloved pastor of St. John Praise and Worship Center (formerly St. John Missionary Baptist Church) since 1985. Apostle Barnett has been in ministry since 1978.
He earned both his Bachelor of Science degree (education) and his post graduate degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL. He completed his Doctorate Degree in Theology in 2014. His first book, De-Cloaking the Holy Ghost, was released in January 2016.
God used Apostle Barnett in the field of education for more than twenty years. Apostle Barnett was the first African American to serve as the Dean of Students at Century High School in Ullin, IL. Apostle Barnett had the privilege of serving in the field of education as a coach, dean of students, educator, and building principal. Throughout his illustrious career, Apostle Barnett was a highly regarded man of integrity, and an effective educator and administrator in school districts in Sparta, IL; Ullin, IL; and Carbondale, IL. Although he was eventually prompted by the Holy Spirit to leave his secular career to give 100% of his focus to Kingdom endeavors, his great regional influence and legacy in the field of education cannot be overstated. On his “A-game” in his secular career, in 2005 he relinquished his position as building principal of Carbondale Middle School (Carbondale Elementary School District #95) in Carbondale, IL: However, his influence in the lives of students is lasting. Students and colleagues alike admire Apostle Barnett because of his impact and effectiveness in the region’s educational systems.
In 1999, St. John Missionary Baptist Church transitioned into St. John Praise and Worship Center (SJPWC) under the leadership of the Honorable Apostle Larry T. Barnett, Sr. God gave Apostle Barnett direction and vision. Subsequently the congregation moved into a new facility and into a new era in ministry. Although SJPWC will always be appreciative of the rich spiritual heritage of St. John Missionary Baptist Church, the proverbial page had turned. St. John Missionary Baptist Church began the transition from tradition and ism to Kingdom mindedness. A plethora of developments marked the turn of the new era at St. John. Some of which include: the recognition and embracing of female ministers, practical teaching of the five ascension gifts and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, a divine connection with the Honorable Bishop Joseph Wambugu, and the systematic training of ministers during a weekly ministers class, that has not only trained SJPWC associate ministers but other (regional) ministers as well.
Apostle Barnett’s ministry began to operate on a global scale with the genesis of crusade endeavors on the beautiful continent of Africa. By the sovereignty of God, a divine connection was established in 2000; Apostle Barnett became acquainted with the ministry of the Honorable Bishop Joseph Wambugu. Since then, SJPWC has adopted Bread of New Life Ministries, Naivasha, Kenya, as a daughter church. As a result of Apostle Barnett and SJPWC’s efforts, Bread of New Life’s orphanage, House of Mercy, has gone from feeding one meal a week to three meals a day. SJPWC has spiritually and monetarily contributed to the progress of Bread of New Life Ministries. In addition to these efforts, Apostle Barnett and a crusade team travel to Africa (at least) every other year to conduct crusades for the masses and training of regional ministers of the gospel. These efforts have proliferated from Kenya into Tanzania and Uganda; and are yet progressing beyond these regions. Look what the Lord has done!
God gave Apostle Barnett a four-fold vision that includes: a facility/outreach ministry, SJPWC Preparatory Academy (Est. 2003), Resurrection House, and an Assisted Living Facility for the elderly. The agenda of the vision has been progressing and proliferating since its conception. SJPWC’s beautiful facility and outreach ministry has classrooms, a kitchen, a full gym, a parsonage, a baptism pool, and a temple that seats approximately 300. The first of its kind in the region, SJPWC’s facility is truly a testament to the faithfulness of God. The SJPWC Preparatory Academy was established in 2003, and is a private, Christian school where the core curriculum is supported by the ABEKA educational model. SJPWC Preparatory Academy emphasizes reading, writing, mathematics, and excellence. The Preparatory Academy is built upon biblical foundations and the love of Jesus. As part of the daily paradigm, the Word of God is intricately interwoven within the curriculum, all students participate in chapel and biblical studies.
Resurrection House is a 90 day post treatment center for individuals who are struggling with chemical dependencies and for those who need a hand up as opposed to a hand out. The genesis of Resurrection House began in 2008 with a program called BRIDGES. The agenda of BRIDGES is to infiltrate the paradigm of individuals struggling with the spirit of addiction (in general) through the teaching of the Glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus, the Christ.
The Assisted Living Facility’s agenda began in 2001 with congregants advancing the Kingdom by visiting and ministering in area assisted living facilities and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Apostle Barnett’s ministry is truly making an impact in the world on behalf of the Kingdom! God is using the Kingdom initiative that He gave Apostle Barnett to perpetuate lasting change in the lives of people. To God be the Glory!
Apostle Barnett’s ministry is marked with changed lives, transformed hearts, healed bodies, and encouraged Believers. For years, Apostle Barnett has been a highly regarded counselor and advisor of ministers (pastors) outside of SJPWC. Although he’d been a spiritual father and advisor for years prior, in 2005 the Honorable Bishop Ron Webb “hand picked” Apostle Barnett to serve as the Immediate Assistant Presiding Bishop of Covenant Ministries. As a part of his responsibilities in Covenant Ministries, Apostle Barnett advises (equips) Kingdom Leaders for 21st century ministry. Additionally, Apostle Barnett is a brilliant instructor at the School of the Prophets (S.O.P) in Poplar Bluff, MO. (S.O.P. is a bible college in affiliation with the International College of Bible Theology and Destiny Bible Institute). Along with his secular degrees, he has earned both a bachelors and a post graduate degree from S.O.P. He is currently completing a doctorate in theology, to be awarded in July 2012.
Last, but certainly not least, Apostle Barnett is married to the lovely First Lady Carol Barnett. Known as much for the value and honor he places on his wife and family as much as he is for his ministerial dexterity, Apostle Barnett is known to be a vocal, passionate advocate of putting home first. “I’m not married to St. John, I’m married to Sister Carol!” is a familiar statement from the Man of God. To God be the Glory! Apostle Barnett and First Lady Barnett have five beautiful children: Cala (who went home to be with the Lord on February 13, 2011), Shaya (Michael), T.J. (Christina), Sean (Christine), and Dontae and grandchildren Daja, Michael Jr., Bra'lyn, and Major. Apostle Barnett enjoys spending time with his family, and is a “history buff.” Also, he enjoys hunting and has refereed college and high school basketball for more than thirty years. Apostle Barnett and First Lady Barnett make their home in the Southern Illinois region.




The Bible is the infallible Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and contains every answer to man's problems.  2 Timothy 3:16,17; 2 Peter 1:20,21
There is one God, existing eternally in three persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  John 10:30; John 14:26; Philippians 2:5-7
God is Love and He loves all people. It is His desire to reach out to those who are poor, oppressed, widowed or orphaned, and to heal the brokenhearted.   Psalm 68:5,6; 1 John 4:16
Man is created in the image of God but separated from God by sin. Without Jesus we cannot have a relationship with God.  Genesis 1:26; 1 Timothy 2:5
We can have a personal relationship with God through salvation, God's free gift to man. It is not a result of what we do, but it is only available through God's unearned favor. By admitting we have sinned and believing in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, and accepting Him as Lord, we can spend eternity with God.  Ephesians 2:8,9; Romans 5:1; Romans 3:24

We believe in water baptism, as taught and demonstrated by Jesus, as the way for believers to identify with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  Matthew 28:19; Romans 6:4; Matthew 3:13-17

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a gift from God. He helps empower the believer to develop the character of Christ and live every day in God's will. Matthew 3:11; Acts 2:4

God gives all believers spiritual gifts. They are for the strengthening of God's people (the Church) and proof of God's existence and power to unbelievers. The gifts of the Spirit are active and relevant today.  1 Corinthians 12:4-11; 1 Peter 4:10

Sanctification is the ongoing process of allowing God's character to be developed in us.  Romans 6:19; Galatians 5:22-25

Divine healing is active in the lives of people today through Jesus, who is the Healer. Healing includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual restoration.  Luke 9:11; Matthew 9:35; Acts 10:38; Matthew 10:1

The Bible describes hell as a real place. It is a place of suffering and a place of permanent separation from God for those who die without accepting Christ. God's desire is that no one be separated from Him for eternity, which is why He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth.  Hebrews 9:27; Revelation 20:12-15; John 3:16-18

Jesus will return and take all those who have accepted Him as Savior to heaven for eternity.  Acts 1:11; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17; Hebrews 9:28



A Word church, reaching out to the spiritual, physical, emotional, economic, and social needs of the total man.  A ministry based on the Holy Word of God, worshipping Him in spirit and in truth.  Unconditionally, sharing genuine Christian love as God has given to us.  We are not perfect; only forgiven as every man can be in the eyes of God.



God gave Apostle Barnett a four-fold vision that includes:  a facility/outreach ministry, SJPWC Preparatory Academy (Est. 2003), Resurrection House, and an Assisted Living Facility for the elderly.  The agenda of the vision has been progressing and proliferating since its conception.

SJPWC’s beautiful facility and outreach ministry has classrooms, a kitchen, a full gym, a parsonage, a baptism pool, and a temple that seats approximately 300.  The first of its kind in the region, SJPWC’s facility is truly a testament to the faithfulness of God.

The SJPWC Preparatory Academy was established in 2003, and is a private, Christian school where the core curriculum is supported by the ABEKA educational model.  SJPWC Preparatory Academy emphasizes reading, writing, mathematics, and excellence.  The Preparatory Academy is built upon biblical foundations and the love of Jesus.  As part of the daily paradigm, the Word of God is intricately interwoven within the curriculum, all students participating in chapel and biblical studies.

Resurrection House is a 90 day post treatment center for individuals who are struggling with chemical dependencies and for those who need a hand up as opposed to a hand out.  The genesis of Resurrection House began in 2008 with a program called BRIDGES.  The agenda of BRIDGES is to infiltrate the paradigm of individuals struggling with the spirit of addiction (in general) through the teaching of the Glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus, the Christ.

The Assisted Living Facility’s agenda began in 2001 with congregants advancing the Kingdom by visiting and ministering in area assisted living facilities and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  Apostle Barnett’s ministry is truly making an impact in the world on behalf of the Kingdom!  God is using the Kingdom initiative that He gave Apostle Barnett to perpetuate lasting change in the lives of people.  To God Be the Glory!





19 - St. John Praise and Worship Center Music Ministry/Creative Arts to minister at the Martin Luther King Celebration at the Carbondale Civic Center.
30 - Pastor Larry T. Barnett's Birthday


18 - Pastor Barnett speaks at the African American History Program at the Marion VA.
23 - Pastor Barnett ministers at Antioch Missionary Baptish Church, Belleville, IL.

MARCH 2020

8 - African American History Program
22 - Pastor ministers at Morning Glory Covenant Ministries in Haiti, MO.
29 - Covenant Ministries Fifth Sunday Fellowship

APRIL 2020

6-10 - Week of Refreshing
12 - Resurrection Sunday
17-18 Singles Conference at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Carbondale, IL

MAY 2020

10 - Mother's Day Luncheon
31 - Covenant Ministries Fifth Sunday Fellowship

JUNE 2020

15 - 19 - Vacation Bible School (Friday Carnival)
21 - Father's Day

JULY 2020

29-31 - Teamwork Conference at Mt. Calvary , Poplar Bluff, MO


1 - Teamwork Conference at Mt. Calvary, Poplar Bluff, MO
30 - Covenant Ministries Fifth Sunday Fellowship (TBD)


16 - First Lady Carol Barnett's birthday


11 - SJPWC Homecoming
30-31 Pastor & First Lady 35th Appreciation/Anniversary Service


1 - Pastor & First Lady's 35th Appreciation/Anniversary Service
26 - Thanksgiving Service at Bibleway COGIC at 11 a.m.
29 - Covenant Ministries Fifth Sunday Fellowship (TBD)


20 - Christmas program during morning service
31 - Kesha Celebration
*Dates are subject to change. Additional events may be scheduled.


Carol J. Barnett

First Lady Carol J. Barnett

First Lady Carol was born in 1959 in Tamms, IL, to Ms. Mattie Grundy.  She is the youngest of four children.  Carol attended both grade and high school at Egyptian Community School District #5.  During her high school years, Carol was very active in student organizations. An academically strong student, she graduated from Egyptian High in 1977. 
Under the pastorate of the late Elder Calvin E. Watson, Carol accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and became a member of Second Baptist Church in Tamms, IL.  She and several of her sisters in Christ were known for their dedication, commitment, and love for God.  During her years at Second Baptist, a place known for the movement of the Holy Ghost, Carol served as president of the choir, Sunday school secretary, and Sunday school teacher.
After high school, Carol attended Shawnee Community College and received an Associate of Arts degree in 1980.  She was employed with the U.S. Postal Service for 24 years, most recently serving as Postmaster at the Wolf Lake Post Office in Wolf Lake, Illinois.
Just prior to her graduation from Shawnee College, on May 3rd, the former Carol Jean Grundy became the wife of Larry T. Barnett.  To this union, God gave them four wonderful children:  Cala (who has gone on to be with the Lord), Shaya, Larry Jr. (T.J.) and Sean.  Later on, the Lord blessed with another addition to the family, Dontae.
First Lady Barnett has been on fire for God for many years.  She stands by her husband, Apostle Barnett, and follows him as he follows Christ. When the vision was given from God to Apostle Barnett for SJPWC, First Lady Carol knew that the job wouldn’t be easy.  Instead of complaining about the amount of work to be done, First Lady joined him in prayer and watched God move a congregation of believers from church to ministry. After returning from their first missionary journey to East Africa in the summer of 2000, it was confirmed in her spirit and she accepted the call that God has for her life.  She has since returned to East Africa with her husband to carry on crusades, ministered at several women’s conferences and looks forward to the direction God is leading not only she and her husband, but the entire SJPWC family.  

All activities, meetings, events and/or rehearsals  are suspended due to the Covid 19 pandemic until further notice.

Service Times

Sunday School…..9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship...11:00 a.m. service and 4:00 p.m. service
Bible Study……....7:00 p.m. Thursday

Mid-Week Services/Meetings

Christian Crafters

Monday @ 4:00 p.m.

  BRIDGES Recovery Support Group

Wednesday @ 6:00 p.m.

  Usher Meeting

Tuesday @ 6:00 p.m. (3rd Tuesday only)

  Mission Meeting

Wednesday @ 4:00 p.m.

  Intercessory Prayer

Wednesday @ 6:00 p.m.

  Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.

  Minister’s Training Class

Thursday @ 6:00 p.m.


History of the

St.   John Missionary Baptist Church/

St. John Praise & Worship Center

Pulaski, Illinois

  St. John was founded in a village that originated from an Illinois Central Railroad Camp whose workers were given the task of constructing the railroad from Cairo to Centralia, IL.  Only sharecroppers, lumbermen, newly freed slaves, drifters, labor seekers, and a few landowners existed in nearby settlements.  The camp grew rapidly due to the railroad employment, and was incorporated as a town named "Pulaski" after a Polish Count who became a Revolutionary War Hero.  A store, post office, black smith shop and depot were erected.  The railroad depot served as a social meeting place for the farmers as they marketed their products to St. Louis and Chicago.  Employment increased and prosperity flourished in the community. In 1876, a group of Christians, (who knew that "where two or three are gathered together in Christ's name that He would be in the midst of them), proposed to assemble as a body.  They organized St. John Missionary Baptist Church and established their wise leader, the Rev. W. Thompson as the founding pastor.  His administration included Elijah Harrell, C. W. Williams, Clem Lily, William Flakes, Walter Thompson and Thomas Alsobrooks as deacons and trustees.  Jody Bell, Church Secretary, and Etta Mae Humble, Sunday school secretary, assisted them.  They constructed the sanctuary and with much rejoicing and thanksgiving, they dedicated this edifice to God.  They, as Christians, knew that "except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." (Psalm 127:1) During the early years, all-day rallies were held, and visiting ministers gave brief, spirit-filled sermons.  Families served basket dinners, "soda water" and "home-made" ice cream on the church grounds.  Baptisms were conducted by bathing newly won souls in the North town creek.  Traditions began and a culture of praise, worship and genuine love among the members of the church family were firmly established.  They celebrated the Lord and Christian fellowship on family days, holiday programs, and pastoral appreciations.  With other believers, and community members, they married, buried and enjoyed district meetings and ice cream socials.

St. John Missionary Baptist Church

In January of 1937, the Ohio River broke through a levee in Massac County, and roared into the Cache River.  Flood waters swept through Karnak, Perks, Ullin and Pulaski as the river sought to join with the Mississippi River.  More than 8,000 people were forced to flee.  The evacuation was led by the National Guard, Illinois Emergency Relief and WPA workers.  The Church, built on the highest peak in town, became a place of refuge for food and safety. In 1941, the church was destroyed by a terrible storm that also destroyed many homes in the town.  Services were held in the Bannaker School.   
A year later, the second church was erected by a congregation whose spirit, trust and determination could not be hindered. The building underwent many renovations from 1941 to 1985.  This includes modernization of a furnace from a pot bellied stove, and a bathroom from an outhouse.  Through it all the church remained a place in Pulaski where everyone could worship and fellowship together.  Many dedicated their energy to the Lord's work, adding souls to the harvest with the words of Paul under girding their efforts: "wherefore comfort yourselves together and edify one another, even as also we do …" (1 Thessalonians 5:11) From 1946-1948, the Rev. Jarrett pastored, followed by Rev. S. A. Miller.  The 15th pastor was Rev. R. T. Ship, Sr., who was succeeded by Rev. W. L. White.  The deacons and trustees at that time were Jim Love, Grayer Mallory, Edward Tucker, Tommie Gray, Curtis Tucker, Obadiah Cooper and Fred Foulks.  When Rev. White's health failed, Rev. Robert James took the mantle as the 17th pastor.  He organized the St. John brotherhood, with his deacon and trustee board of Ben Murray, Jim Love, Grayer Mallory, Obadiah Cooper, Edward Tucker, Tommie Gray, Buster Jennings, Curtis Tucker and Fred Foulks. 
In 1985, Rev. Larry T. Barnett, Sr., became the 18th pastor.  Our First Lady is Carol (Grundy) and their children are Cala, Shaya, T. J. and Sean. One on Saturday morning in 1993 during regular church business meeting at St. John Missionary Baptist Church, our Pastor, Rev. Larry T. Barnett, Sr., and the St. John Deacon Board brought to the congregation the idea to build a new facility.  The members present all agreed to step out on faith.  Truly this was a walk of faith because the church's income did not reflect this possibility.  But the dedicated, faithful members, under the leadership of a spiritually lead pastor, set their hearts, time, energy, and finances to work.  With the theme "For we walk by Faith and not by sight."  II Corinthians 5:7.  The congregation agreed to pay tithes, offerings, and some made special pledges to accomplish the vision that had been given to our pastor. 
Our next feat was to find a lending institution that would loan us the money necessary to build.  Still praying and walking by faith, our Pastor and deacons set out to meet with various banks.  Surprisingly enough, the bank we had been dealing with for years did not loan us the money.  Needless to say, we sought other banks and eventually secured a loan with Community National Bank in Mounds, Illinois, where we transferred all our funds.  We then went into a period of 40 days of fasting and praying where someone was in the sanctuary each day offering prayer to the Lord.  But, before the loan was secured, we purchased property to build on.  On Saturday, November 16, 1996 at 9 a.m. E.M.C. Construction Company of Carbondale erected a sign on our building site.  On April 29, 1997, we held our groundbreaking celebration (although a loan still had not been secured).  Rev. James Hailey was the speaker at the celebration.  Still walking by faith even though we had selected one contractor, God sent us another, Bro. Tommy Gentry, to bid on the project, and he was selected. After securing a loan for the total project, our faithful and spirit-filled deacons - Edward Tucker, Sr., Buster Jennings (now deceased but got to see the completion of the sanctuary and worship in it) and our youngest deacon Gregory Tucker, Sr., went to the bank and signed all the necessary papers and we were ready to erect the building.  Still trusting God, the construction began. Saying we would build on God's Word and through the vision given to our Pastor, Bibles were placed throughout the foundation.  Therefore, we were truly building on God's word. 
bible layout

Bible foundation layout

 Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Barnett was instructed to change the name from St. John Missionary Baptist Church to the St. John Praise and Worship Center.  In order to be more organized, the Ministerial Staff (known at that time as office heads) went into a two-day retreat at Touch of Nature in Carbondale, Illinois.  There, we defined the functions of officers and roles of Pastor and Deacons and defined functions and expectations of auxiliaries.  We also developed our mission statement, which is, "A word church, reaching out to the spiritual, physical, emotional, economical, and social needs of the total man.  A ministry based on the Holy Word of God, worshipping Him in spirit and in truth.  Unconditionally, sharing genuine Christian love as God has given to us.  We are not perfect; only forgiven as every man can be in the eyes of God."  
On April 11, 1999, we had our 11 a.m. morning service in the new facility to give our members the opportunity to worship together in the new sanctuary marking the beginning of a newness and evidence of our faith.  The doors were locked and everyone went to the old St. John Missionary Baptist Church for one last time where we marched from our old building to the new facility.  Upon arrival, Pastor Larry Barnett and First Lady Carol cut the ribbon to usher in a new era for a congregation that had been in existence for 122 years.  Through faithfulness and obedience, we thank God for the vision given to our Pastor and founder of the St. John Praise and Worship Center, Apostle Larry Tyrann Barnett.  "All things are possible to them that believeth."  Mark 9:23

St. John Praise and Worship Center


Church Location & Address:
St. John Praise and Worship Center                                              
371 Chestnut Avenue                                                                                                
P. O. Box 226                                                                                                                                  
Pulaski, Illinois 62976 
Telephone:    (618) 342-6785
Fax: (618) 342-6671






  • Audio/Visual Ministry - This ministry is responsible for both the recording and videoing of all sermons, special programs and events held at SJPWC. For more information on how to obtain a CD or DVD of any event, please email us or call with your request.
  • Children’s Church - The Lord has blessed SJPWC with an awesome, anointed Children's Church ministry.  Children ages 6 -13 are taught the Holy Word of God.  It is our goal to provide a quality, Bible-based education in which the love of God is shared, as well as Godly life principles.  We strive to create a fun, safe, and nurturing environment where children can grow in God in a way that is relevant and applicable to their everyday lives.  This approach will produce effective disciples for the Kingdom of God.
  • Christian Crafters - The purpose of this ministry is to teach crocheting, knitting, and sewing in an environment conducive to promoting Christian fellowship.
  • Communications Ministry - This ministry serves as the public relations department of SJPWC.  Some of the duties and responsibilities of this ministry are creating and producing the weekly bulletins, church newsletters, advertisements of upcoming events, to record and chronicle the church history and life of the ministry through photography, and any other public relations outside of the church.  We recently incorporated E-Blast (emails & text message reminders of upcoming events).
  • Culinary Arts Ministry - This ministry provides nourishment for the body, as our shepherd feeds the soul with the Word of God. SJPWC provides a full-course dinner after every Sunday morning service.
  • Kerusso Logos - The "Preaching Ministry" of SJPWC.
  • Music Ministry - The purpose of the music ministry is to glorify God through songs of praise & worship. SJPWC's Choir and Praise & Worship Team are deeply committed to living the life that is ministered each Sunday.  We worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, by the fruit of our lips.
  • New Generations Ministry - This ministry is SJPWC's youth and young adult in the ministry ages 14-35.  The primary focus of New Generation is to be servants of God and of man.  New Generations assists the Culinary Arts ministry every Sunday in serving dinner, washing dishes, and cleaning the kitchen after dinner.  New Generation is also in the process of implementing Generation to Generation:  Bridging the Gap in which the youth will assist our elderly with household duties, yard work, grocery and pharmacy runs.  Our mission is to minister through service.  Our goal is to not wait until we are old to serve the Lord, but to serve Him in our youth!
  • Nursery Ministry - SJPWC offers a Nursery Ministry to the children not quite old enough for Children's Church.  This ministry serves children ages 0-8.  Parents can bring their children to the Nursery and they will be taught Biblical stories at their level.  The classrooms are separated by age. This ministry is a blessing to both the parents and the children of SJPWC.
  • Performing Arts Ministry - This ministry consists of the many performing arts ministries within the church which includes:  Praise Dance Ministry, Zera Dancers, Karah Dancers, Hearing Impaired Ministry, and the Flag Ministry.  This ministry also consists of skits, plays and Drama performed by members of all ages of the ministry.  This ministry is most active during holidays and special programs.  Our largest event is New Year's Eve at our Annual Kesha Celebration.  This ministry is open to any and all that love to share their talents in the arts including Staging, Lighting, Scenery, Props, and Sewing Skills.
  • Singles Ministry -The purpose of this ministry is to build spiritually healthy single men and women by discipling and equipping then to serve God in this season of their lives.
  • Sister-to-Sister Ministry - This is a God-centered ministry for young ladies ages 12-20.  The purpose is to lend a hand to parents with their young daughters who are at the tender age of experiencing peer pressures. The young ladies are taught what is appropriate to wear, what to say when things get out of hand, and how to carry themselves in a Christ like manner.  We aren't trying to take over their parenting, but lending a hand and letting them know what God expects of them.  We remind them to put God first and let their light shine wherever they go.  The Bible states we are to train up a child in the way that he should go:  and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
  • Television Ministry - St. John Praise and Worship Center now broadcasts Sunday morning service on the HOUR OF VISION TELECAST; K38HE; West Plains, Missouri area; Wednesdays at 8 pm.  The broadcasts are not available in our local viewing area.
  • Usher Board Ministry - The purpose of this ministry is to prepare the congregation for worship services by insuring they receive a warm welcome, seating, and other needed materials.
  • Youth Ministry - It is the mission of the Youth Ministry of SJPWC to train the children to walk in Godly character by making good choices daily. This is done through fellowship and teaching them the Word of God through example and deed. The purpose of this ministry is to spread the word of God to children between the ages of 0 -14 so that they can relate the word to their everyday situation.





Kesha (kay-sha) is the Swahili word for STAY AWAKE! Although modified somewhat from the traditional African service, this nine-hour celebration is to give God thanks and praise for the old year and praise and thanks for the new year. It is an opportunity to worship in fellowship with dedication and sacrifice. It gives way for warm remembrances and great hope for the future by God’s Grace and Mercy, through the risen savior, Jesus the Christ.



What a glorious time in the Lord! The word instructs us to give honor to whom honor is due. Our Spiritual parents are so deserving of the entire honor that they have so richly earned.

They have labored over 31 years in ministry. They have never waivered from their assignment of
“Building the Kingdom of God
” and equipping the saints to walk in righteousness with the Lord, crying loud, and sparing not, as Isaiah 58:1 declares, warning the people of their sins.
It is almost time for the event of the year honoring our man and woman of God. A link will be available when this year's appreciation event is held.


At SJPWC, we have vowed not to forget our “seasoned saints”. Without them, where would we be?
The purpose for our Salute to Seniors program is to celebrate our senior members and let them know how much we appreciate their hard work, commitment, and dedication to the Lord.


On this day, we also celebrate our Annual Homecoming. During this event, we remember how far the Lord has brought us from the days of St. John Missionary Baptist Church to the ministry of St. John Praise & Worship Center. These events are held in the month of October.


Vacation Bible School is a vital part of the SJPWC Youth Ministry. Its purpose is to continue educating the children in a school-like fashion and engross them with the word of God. Each year, our theme changes and we focus on that point for the entire week. The children enjoy in-depth bible teachings, crafts, music, and a nutritious meal every evening. This event is held during the month of June after school has been dismissed for the summer.




Salamu zenu kutoka kwa Mtume Barnett, katika jina la Yesu

{Swahili-Greetings to all from Apostle Barnett in the name of Jesus}.

There truly are no words to adequately describe the East African Crusades, conducted by SJPWC Ministries. Since 2000, under the guidance and direction of the Holy Ghost, we have traveled to Africa to share the good news of Jesus Christ. God has faithfully blessed these endeavors, as evidenced by the large number of men, women, and children who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In addition to the many salvations, our crusade team witnessed miraculous healing, deliverance from demon possession, and freedom from witchcraft.


As you know, it would be nearly impossible to conduct our ministry efforts in East Africa without having a connection on that continent. Thanks be to God for our precious brother, friend, and coordinator, Bishop Joseph Wambugu and Bread of New Life Ministries (our official church in Kenya).


Through Bishop Wambugu and the saints in Kenya, God has allowed us to have two orphanages, House of Mercy (located in Guithuri) and Emanuel’s Children’s Home (located in Ndibibi, Kenya). Under the direction of Bread of New Life Ministries, many starving and homeless street children have been provided food, shelter, and clothing. Needless to say, without your prayers and generosity this would not be possible. Everyday more and more children are flocking to House of Mercy and Emanuel’s Children’s Home in search for relief. Although our resources are often meager, it is heart wrenching and next to impossible to turn such hungry little faces away. Many of the street children have been orphaned as a result of AIDS, starvation, and sporadic fighting that sometimes take place near border towns. In any event, we have a clear mandate from God to feed the hungry. House of Mercy and Emanuel’s Children homes would not be able to survive without your generosity.

In addition to conducting evening crusades in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda we have also been blessed to host leadership seminars during the day. As a result of the leadership seminars, hundreds of pastors and church leaders have been touched, motivated, and encouraged to make a difference in their native lands.


We are grateful to God for the many saints who have traveled with Sister Carol and I to East Africa. Although they were a blessing to many African people, their lives will never be the same. To say that the Crusades are a life changing experience would be a gross understatement. Every saint that travels with us develops a brand new appreciation for the blessings they enjoy on a daily basis. In order to truly understand and appreciate the blessings of God, it is sometimes necessary for us to see life through the eyes of those who have considerably less.

Take the time to see some of our photographs from our many African Crusade mission trips. Click on the PHOTO GALLERY link.


It is critical that each of you play a vital role in the success of our foreign missions ministry. As you sow into the spiritually fertile soil of East Africa, your witness and love for Jesus is being shared with thousands of needy people. As we minister in East Africa, many people will come to know Jesus as their personal Savior, many will be healed, and many mighty miracles will take placed. In addition to feeding the souls of so many beautiful people, many hungry children and families will be fed. Your generosity will not go unnoticed by God. Our Father, who sees in secret, will reward you openly. As you support this mandate from the lord, we believe that He will open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that you will not have room enough to receive!

While not everyone can physically travel to East Africa, you can assist our efforts through your generous financial contributions. Literally thousands of dollars are needed in order to secure basic equipment, food, and ground transportation. All monies donated to the Crusade will be used exclusively for that purpose.

Please send your generous contribution to:

St. John Praise and Worship Center
P. O. Box 226
Pulaski, IL 62976

Please be sure to note on the memo section of your check or money order, AFRICAN CRUSADE. The more you give in terms of prayer and financial support, the more we will be able to accomplish. Please give generously to the Crusade.




While we graciously invited others to travel with us to East Africa, we realize that Crusade work is not for everyone. If you are interested in joining us for this life changing experience we recommend you do the following:

1.  Seek the will of God through prayers and fasting. One needs to hear clearly from the Lord regarding Mission work. While the trip is exciting and we see many wonderful sights, it is not a vacation. Every individual who travels with us is expected to work!
2.  Obtain a letter of approval from your local pastor. Because we are a ministry of integrity, we believe that “sheep” should always follow the instructions of their shepherd.
3.  Make a donation to the crusade (preferably through the ministry to which you belong)
4.  Begin making preparations and setting aside finances. Ticket prices have ranged from $1,700.00 to $2,200.00, depending upon which airline provider is secured. Hotel accommodations for 15 days will cost in the neighborhood of $300.00-$400.00 You will also need money for food, souvenirs, and visas. Because we will travel to a minimum of three countries, a $50.00 visa fee per country will be assessed (subject to change without notice).

I pray that you will be able to join us for SJPWC’s next East African Crusade! May the love of Christ and the divine favor of God rest upon you and yours.

Kwa heri
{Swahili-goodbye/fair well}


"Taking it to the Streets"

Bro. Joseph Stacy and Min.Caleb Barnett
Brother Joseph Stacy and Min. Caleb Barnett
 at Taking it to the Streets  in Cairo
Culinary Help
Culinary Crew at Taking it to
the Streets in Cairo, IL
Brother Joe Basden and Brother Jaime Moyers at Ta
Bro. Joe Basden and Bro. Jamie Moyers
king it to the Streets  in Cairo, IL {pictured left)
Min. Tasha Blake and Min. Valencia Clark
 Min. Tasha Blake and Min. Valencia Clark at
Taking it to the Streets in Cairo, IL (pictured right)
If you are an individual that has accepted the Lord Jesus, the Christ into your heart it is because someone loved you enough to share Him with you and to invite you to Christ.  Isn’t it the BEST decision you have ever made?  Even in the natural, when you are “in on a good deal,”  or are privy to something incredible, don’t you want to share it with others and make them aware?  Think about a good sale that offers incredible savings…don’t you share that information with others?  Think of a really good restaurant that you frequent, don’t you share with others how good the cuisine tastes?  Every Believer has a role to play in personal evangelism and being a vessel for the Lord to use to bring more souls into the Kingdom.  As Believers, we should want hell to be as empty as possible and for heaven to be as full as possible.  The Bible teaches us that God is not willing that anyone should perish but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9 – paraphrase).
As part of our four fold vision at SJPWC, God has given us to be outreach minded and not “in-reach minded.”  Jesus told us in the Gospel according to Mark 15:15-16 – “ And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.  He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned.”   Hell is not a destiny I would wish on anyone!  It is to that end that SJPWC’s corporate evangelistic arm (TAKING IT TO THE STREETS) exists.
TAKING IT TO THE STREETS holds meetings in the Southern Illinois/Southeast Missouri region during the early spring, summer, and early fall months of the year.  We partner with SOUL HARVEST FOR CHRIST MINISTRIES (Min. David Howard who is based in Marion, Illinois) for this KINGDOM INITIATIVE.  During these meetings, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached underneath a tent.  Prior to the meeting, our evangelistic team canvasses the area, spreading the LIGHT OF CHRIST into the hearts of the lost, the broken, the spiritually blind, sick, and the broken.  We literally take it to the streets by stopping individuals on the streets and even knocking on their doors and present Christ to them.  At the actual program portion of the day, we have praise and worship, actual PULPIT PREACHING, testimonies, etc.  Additionally, we provide a free meal with beverages.  To maintain our momentum, during the winter months (when weather permits), a portion of our team goes out into the Southern Illinois region and present Christ to individuals as the Lord leads.  As a result of our efforts, God has used us in the salvation experience of several dozen individuals.  While our agenda is NOT to increase our membership, many have joined SJPWC.  We have had the opportunity to disciple a lot of the converts as well as the Lord instructed us to do in Matthew 28:19.  Contact the chair of TAKING IT TO THE STREETS, Min. Valencia Clark-or Bro. Joe Basden for more information at



 Sara's Daughters' Women's Ministry

Grace and Peace Unto You!
Min. Valencia Clark accepted the Lord in fall/winter of 1996 and was called to ministry two years later in an experience that can be described as nothing less than supernatural. Immediately after accepting the Lord into her heart, Min. Clark became a serious student of the Word of God.  Min. Clark has been a member of St. John Praise and Worship Center, SJPWC (formerly St. John Missionary Baptist Church) and under her spiritual father, the Honorable Apostle Larry Barnett -since she was 12 years old.  While in college, Min. Clark served under the Honorable Bishop Lloyd E. Gwin, Sr. at the Church of the Living God (Pillar and Ground of the Truth) in Champaign, IL (   Min. Clark was licensed under her spiritual father in 2003.  Min. Clark's call to ministry is multi-faceted:  teacher, preacher, prophetic, psalmist, and intercessor.  Additionally, Min. Clark has a strong gift of communication, administration, and in the arts.
Min. Clark was reared in Rock Island, IL: Davenport, IA, San Diego, CA; and the Southern IL  area.  She graduated salutatorian of her Meridian Class of 1995 (Mounds, IL).  MIn. Clark then earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign in 2000.  Min. Clark has worked in social services, education, and television.  Min. Clark is currently a budding entrepreneur who has a vision for her business endeavors to serve mankind.  Additionally, she desires to earn a few more degrees.  Min. Clark is also an aspiring author and is finishing up her freshman book entitled, "Be Strong in the Lord."  Although Min. Clark is currently single, she looks forward to marriage and motherhood one day.
You can  follow  her online on her social media:
Periscope:  Valencia Clark @sara_daughter
YouTube:  Almost Daily Devotional Channel
*YouTube channel currently undergoing an upgrade, watch video above
Instagram - sarasdaughters2007
Facebook - Sara's Daughters' Women's Ministry - Est. 2007
Early this year, Min. Clark released her first prayer recording and will be releasing more this year.  See ad above for more information and/or check it out for purchase at the link listed below:
Min. Clark preaches/ministers not only at her home church and at SDM but also at singles conferences, women's conferences, youth conferences, revivals and regular church services. She has preached/ministered in Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and in Kenya (Africa).
God gave Min. Clark the vision for Sara's Daughters Women's Ministry (SDM) while she was still an undergraduate at the University of Illinois. However, SDM didn't come into fruition until 2007; after she was licensed and after she was released to begin the ministry by her spiritual father.  SDM is based on I Peter 3:1-12.  SDM is a ministry  of wholeness whose agenda is to empower women from every background and socioeconomic station in life.  SDM accomplishes this by presenting the Truth of Jesus, the Christ through systematic teaching of the principles of the Kingdom of God by studying the Word of God and by facilitating an atmosphere that is conducive to the movement and manifestation of the Holy Spirit.  SDM'S motto is
MINISTRY DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND.  Additionally, an underlying theme of SDM is ALWAYS BE A LADY. ALWAYS.
More original, SDM Events/Initiatives
1.   Mother's Day Brunch
-Proper Undergarment Initiative
-Things Your Mom Didn't Know or Forgot Tell You
3.  SDM Bible Study Curriculum





The purpose of the Week of Refreshing is to revive the saints of God and to remind them of our purpose here on earth.  Our job is to compel men to Christ and to share His love to those who are lost.  Our priority as followers of Christ must be to increase the Kingdom of God and cast down the minions of this world.  

The 2020 Anniversary and Week of Refreshing events were not held due to the Covid-19 pandemic.





SJPWC Preparatory Academy

  WELCOME to the St. John Praise & Worship Center Preparatory Academy (SJPWC Prep) page. SJPWC Preparatory Academy is a private Christian school serving Pre-K through 8th grade. SJPWC Prep was birthed from the four-fold vision of St. Jon Praise & Worship Center Ministries. We strive at SJPWC Prep to teach our students character, integrity, and how to conduct themselves as representatives of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.   Our school motto, “WHERE EXCELLENCE IS BIRTHED”, is more than a slogan: it’s our way of life. We encourage and foster an environment whereby students approach academics from the standpoint of the Apostle Paul who wrote in Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”   A student’s strengths are applauded, while his/her weaknesses are strengthened.  

Mission Statement
SJPWC Preparatory Academy’s mission is to educate children in the light of God’s Word by providing a biblically integrated academic program. The Prep Academy seeks to develop each child to his/her fullest potential: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.
SJPWC Prep Academy employs a full curriculum with a concentration in mathematics and reading (ABEKA book curriculum). Although we emphasize reading (comprehension and phonics) and mathematics, our goal is to educate the whole man: body, soul and spirit. Students are not only taught academics in an orderly and intimate setting; but they learn about our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ, in daily Chapel class.
Admission of new students to SJPWC Prep Academy will require submission of an Application for Enrollment, copies of the student’s transcript from previous school, standardized testing scores, and immunization records. An admissions packet may be acquired from the school administrator, Monday through Friday, 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. Once these items have been received, an interview is scheduled with the school administrator. The purpose of the interview is to establish a relationship between the parent and school, to clarify school philosophy, to identify expectations of the school and the parent, to plan for the individual student’s needs, and to answer questions. There is no enrollment fee.
SJPWC Prep Academy admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities made available to students in the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, administrative scholarship programs, or in any other school-administered program. However, we must reiterate that SJPWC Prep Academy is a Christian academy that adheres to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Students are required to wear a uniform, and must bring their lunch to school daily.
SJPWC Prep Academy has a Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO). We encourage our parents’ involvement in the educational process of their child. The purpose of our PTO is to: 1. Strengthen parent/teacher partnership in regards to the educational goals of our students. 2. Foster Community involvement with SJPWC Prep.
3.  Provide fund raising opportunities for SJPWC Prep.
We pray that any questions you may have were answered in the information listed above. However, if you need more information, please feel free to contact us by phone (M-F 10:00am – 4:00pm) at 618 342-6041.

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