Salamu zenu kutoka kwa Mtume Barnett, katika jina la Yesu

{Swahili-Greetings to all from Apostle Barnett in the name of Jesus}.

There truly are no words to adequately describe the East African Crusades, conducted by SJPWC Ministries. Since 2000, under the guidance and direction of the Holy Ghost, we have traveled to Africa to share the good news of Jesus Christ. God has faithfully blessed these endeavors, as evidenced by the large number of men, women, and children who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In addition to the many salvations, our crusade team witnessed miraculous healing, deliverance from demon possession, and freedom from witchcraft.


As you know, it would be nearly impossible to conduct our ministry efforts in East Africa without having a connection on that continent. Thanks be to God for our precious brother, friend, and coordinator, Bishop Joseph Wambugu and Bread of New Life Ministries (our official church in Kenya).


Through Bishop Wambugu and the saints in Kenya, God has allowed us to have two orphanages, House of Mercy (located in Guithuri) and Emanuel’s Children’s Home (located in Ndibibi, Kenya). Under the direction of Bread of New Life Ministries, many starving and homeless street children have been provided food, shelter, and clothing. Needless to say, without your prayers and generosity this would not be possible. Everyday more and more children are flocking to House of Mercy and Emanuel’s Children’s Home in search for relief. Although our resources are often meager, it is heart wrenching and next to impossible to turn such hungry little faces away. Many of the street children have been orphaned as a result of AIDS, starvation, and sporadic fighting that sometimes take place near border towns. In any event, we have a clear mandate from God to feed the hungry. House of Mercy and Emanuel’s Children homes would not be able to survive without your generosity.

In addition to conducting evening crusades in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda we have also been blessed to host leadership seminars during the day. As a result of the leadership seminars, hundreds of pastors and church leaders have been touched, motivated, and encouraged to make a difference in their native lands.


We are grateful to God for the many saints who have traveled with Sister Carol and I to East Africa. Although they were a blessing to many African people, their lives will never be the same. To say that the Crusades are a life changing experience would be a gross understatement. Every saint that travels with us develops a brand new appreciation for the blessings they enjoy on a daily basis. In order to truly understand and appreciate the blessings of God, it is sometimes necessary for us to see life through the eyes of those who have considerably less.

Take the time to see some of our photographs from our many African Crusade mission trips. Click on the PHOTO GALLERY link.


It is critical that each of you play a vital role in the success of our foreign missions ministry. As you sow into the spiritually fertile soil of East Africa, your witness and love for Jesus is being shared with thousands of needy people. As we minister in East Africa, many people will come to know Jesus as their personal Savior, many will be healed, and many mighty miracles will take placed. In addition to feeding the souls of so many beautiful people, many hungry children and families will be fed. Your generosity will not go unnoticed by God. Our Father, who sees in secret, will reward you openly. As you support this mandate from the lord, we believe that He will open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that you will not have room enough to receive!

While not everyone can physically travel to East Africa, you can assist our efforts through your generous financial contributions. Literally thousands of dollars are needed in order to secure basic equipment, food, and ground transportation. All monies donated to the Crusade will be used exclusively for that purpose.

Please send your generous contribution to:

St. John Praise and Worship Center
P. O. Box 226
Pulaski, IL 62976

Please be sure to note on the memo section of your check or money order, AFRICAN CRUSADE. The more you give in terms of prayer and financial support, the more we will be able to accomplish. Please give generously to the Crusade.




While we graciously invited others to travel with us to East Africa, we realize that Crusade work is not for everyone. If you are interested in joining us for this life changing experience we recommend you do the following:

1.  Seek the will of God through prayers and fasting. One needs to hear clearly from the Lord regarding Mission work. While the trip is exciting and we see many wonderful sights, it is not a vacation. Every individual who travels with us is expected to work!
2.  Obtain a letter of approval from your local pastor. Because we are a ministry of integrity, we believe that “sheep” should always follow the instructions of their shepherd.
3.  Make a donation to the crusade (preferably through the ministry to which you belong)
4.  Begin making preparations and setting aside finances. Ticket prices have ranged from $1,700.00 to $2,200.00, depending upon which airline provider is secured. Hotel accommodations for 15 days will cost in the neighborhood of $300.00-$400.00 You will also need money for food, souvenirs, and visas. Because we will travel to a minimum of three countries, a $50.00 visa fee per country will be assessed (subject to change without notice).

I pray that you will be able to join us for SJPWC’s next East African Crusade! May the love of Christ and the divine favor of God rest upon you and yours.

Kwa heri
{Swahili-goodbye/fair well}